St. Austin Featured in Town & Style

The St. Austin School was recently featured in Town & Style magazine. An excerpt from the article quotes Mrs. Dolan explaining the unique beauty of our school:
{“The students are presented with truth, goodness and beauty in the classroom, and this naturally creates a sense of wonder,” she explains. Teaching is interdisciplinary to promote this concept, and small class sizes allow for personalized instruction when needed. Beginning in first grade, students take weekly Latin classes, and by fifth grade, they increase to three times a week. “We believe it provides excellent mental training as well as a better understanding of the English language,” Dolan says. “Latin grammar is introduced in conjunction with English grammar so students really understand the science of language.”
In keeping with the idea of a classical education, technology in the classroom is kept to a minimum. Although teachers use technology, Dolan explains that student use of smartphones, tablets or laptops in the classroom does not support the school’s ethos. “We believe using those devices regularly creates a gap between students and teachers (and students and each other),” she says. “We view technology as a way to accomplish a wide variety of discrete tasks—from finding a recipe online to searching for facts about a historical person. We do not see it as a means to increasing one’s ability to absorb textual material or learn the relationships between higher-order concepts.”
Dolan says everyone is welcome to come and see life at St. Austin for themselves at the open house. “People will be struck by the joy here—joyful teachers and joyful students engaged in joyful learning,” she says.}
View the full article here: Town & Style

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